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Chuck and Cathy Williamson

Science Communication Fellowship

The Williamson Fellowship is aimed at increasing geoscience communications and encouraging diversity in the geosciences. The Williamson Fellows will develop relationships with 7-12 public school programs, engage youth in geoscience, increase public science literacy, and provide opportunities for U of U geoscience students to gain outreach and science communication experience. 

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Meet Mikelia and Victoria!

2022-2023 Williamson fellows

Mikelia Heberer


Mikelia Heberer is a 2nd-year PhD student in the Department of Geology and Geophysics working with Dr. Kathleen Ritterbush. Her research is focused around extinct, externally shelled cephalopods called ammonites (closely related to a modern-day octopus or squid). Mikelia received her bachelor’s degree in geography with a geology emphasis from the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater. Previously, Mikelia worked in a research group, focusing on landslide prevention and education along Lake Michigan’s shoreline, and has tutored many students throughout her undergraduate career.  In her free time, Mikelia likes to travel, write, and hike. With this amazing opportunity, Mikelia wants to promote student excitement and participation in the geosciences.

Mikelia Heberer

Victoria Pavlovics


Victoria Pavlovics is a 1st year masters student in Geology & Geophysics working with Dr. Pete Lippert. Her research focuses on mineral magnetism in polished fault zones and rock and mineral magnetism in anthropology. Victoria received her bachelor's degrees in Geology and Anthropology at the University of Florida, where she led her geology club on field trips around the southeast of the United States. Victoria spends her free time hiking, skiing, and hanging out with her cat. Victoria has participated in outreach events such as ‘Can You Dig It?’ where geoscience is taught to grade students using hands-on activities. She is delighted to share her knowledge and passion for geology with students to increase the involvement in STEM at a young age.

Victoria Pavlovics

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