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Combining Science and Application

Do you like math and science? Have you ever looked at the sky and wondered how clouds are created? Do you want to know more about what causes earthquakes or volcanoes? Are you curious about what materials created your cell phone and how we obtain and create them?

There are many BIG questions that YOU can be a part of answering by joining the College of Mines and Earth Sciences!

To find out more about the College of Mines and Earth Sciences, please contact


Undergraduate Students

Undergraduate Students: To enroll in the College of Mines and Earth Sciences, prospective students must first apply to the University of Utah:

Apply Online

Undergraduates students have access to:

  • Small class sizes
  • Many scholarships
  • Paid summer internships
  • Field trips to local industries
  • Undergraduate research opportunities with award winning research and academic faculty
  • Active reruitment by industry

All majors within the College of Mines and Earth Sciences are ‘open’ meaning that you do not need to be officially accepted into the program.  You do need to see an academic advisor to declare your major however, and we encourage you do this as early in your college career as possible.





To be considered for admission for one of our graduate programs, you must apply to the University of Utah Graduate School.

Prospective graduate students are encouraged to contact faculty members with similar research interest.

Please visit the graduate admissions website to review admission requirements and the admissions process.

Graduate Students: After reviewing the graduate admissions website, click on the link below to apply.

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To learn more about the University of Utah Graduate School please visit their website




Why Come to the U?


The University of Utah’s College of Mines and Earth Sciences provides an ample environment for aspiring scientists and engineers to combine both science and engineering for practical applications!

We hope that you come experience the magnificent earth and its atmosphere, and the exciting interactions we have with them. Learn and engage in the processes by which we can safely recover natural resources and transform them into products we need and use every day.

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Last Updated: 1/2/24