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Outreach and Diversity

Outreach Programs

  • UofU CMES Campus Experience: This program is for field trips or individual students to come visit our campus, buildings, and laboratories to learn about the College of Mines and Earth Sciences and gain experience using some of our cutting-edge equipment.

To schedule a UofU CMES campus experience:

Field trip request form

  • Williamson Fellows: The Williamson Fellowship is aimed at increasing geoscience communications and encouraging diversity in the geosciences. The Williamson Fellows will develop relationships with 7-12 public school programs, engage youth in geoscience, increase public science literacy, and provide opportunities for U of U geoscience students to gain outreach and science communication experience.

2022-2023 Williamson Fellows

  • Classroom Experience: This program introduces students to new and exciting scientific research occurring in various aspects of the College of Mines and Earth Sciences. This program can be tailored to support your curriculum and can be adjusted for junior high through high school students. The options for this program include (but are not limited to):
    • Class Discussion - Discussion about degrees within the College of Mines and Earth Sciences and about the benefits of pursuing a career in related fields.
    • Classroom Experiments - Our Outreach team will bring experiments to your classroom and complete them with the students

To schedule a classroom experience please contact:

Marina McNeill
(801) 213-4194

College of Mines and Earth Sciences Outreach and Diversity Programs Mission, Vision, and Objectives

Mission – To create an environment that encourages diversity within the College of Mines and Earth Sciences and to educate students and the community with the knowledge of discovering, managing, and transforming the world’s resources while maintaining the world’s atmosphere to create a sustainable planet.

Vision – We intend to provide future students, current students, teachers, and the community with knowledge about the disciplines within the College of Mines and Earth Sciences to create, support, and encourage future scientists.

1. Captivate a diverse audience of K-12 students using outreach programs that stimulate interest and introduce possibilities to disciplines within the College of Mines and Earth Sciences.
2. Better prepare under-represented student populations and their families for college success.
3. Empower current College of Mines and Earth Sciences students by providing academic programs and resources.
4. Create an inclusive atmosphere for all future atmospheric scientists, geologic scientists and engineers, metallurgical engineers, and mining engineers.

Outreach and diversity programs are made possible by financial support from:

Freeport RioTinto Newmont
Last Updated: 1/23/23