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Atmospheric Sciences

Materials Science and Engineering

Tackling the world's grand challenges.

Today we face major global challenges, climate change, natural resource use, environmental degradation and remediation, energy development and sustainability. Earth scientists and engineers are at the forefront of addressing these complex problems as they work to understand the origin, transformation, and responsible use of our own planet, including its geology, atmosphere, and bodies of water—and the relationships between them.

This unique college bridges the interface between the earth sciences and fields of engineering offering a wide variety of exciting research and educational experiences with twenty-three accredited undergraduate and graduate degrees in earth sciences, geology, geophysics, geological engineering, mining engineering, metallurgical engineering, materials science and engineering, earth resource management, and atmospheric sciences.

Geology and Geophysics

Mining Engineering


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Steven A Root

Seven A Root

Steven A Root is chief analytics officer, and senior vp of strategic initiatives, of accuweather, inc., the fastest growing private weather consulting company in the world. He resides in edmond, oklahoma. For more than 40-years, steven root, applying leadership and vision, has pioneered numerous applications of meteorology that have enhanced awareness, application, and demand for all types of weather information by both business and general consumers. Following his primary passion, steve has always sought to clarify meteorology for end-users, resulting in benefits for business, government and the public. His clarifications in turn resulted in greater demand for solutions through the application of meteorology, and there have been many noteworthy accomplishments.


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