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What on Earth magazine is here! 

Check out the Fall 2019 issue of CMES's What on Earth to learn about the happenings and updates in the College of Mines and Earth Sciences!

Frontiers of Science

Wildfire Behavior 

Craig Clements, San José State University 

January 23 
6 p.m. 
Aline W. Skaggs Biology Building, Rm 220

Atmospheric Sciences

Materials Science and Engineering

Tackling the world's grand challenges.

Today we face major global challenges, climate change, natural resource use, environmental degradation and remediation, energy development and sustainability. Earth scientists and engineers are at the forefront of addressing these complex problems as they work to understand the origin, transformation, and responsible use of our own planet, including its geology, atmosphere, and bodies of water—and the relationships between them.

This unique college bridges the interface between the earth sciences and fields of engineering offering a wide variety of exciting research and educational experiences with twenty-three accredited undergraduate and graduate degrees in earth sciences, geology, geophysics, geological engineering, mining engineering, metallurgical engineering, materials science and engineering, earth resource management, and atmospheric sciences.

Geology and Geophysics

Mining Engineering


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Alex Moyes

Alex Moyes

Alex Moyes is the Manager of Geoscience and Engineering at Dominion Energy Wexpro where he is responsible for upstream activity in Wyoming, Utah, and Colorado. Alex joined Wexpro in 2011 and has since held various positions in operations, development, and new ventures. Prior to joining Wexpro, Alex held positions with the U.S. Geological Survey, Petroleum Systems International, Schlumberger, and Exxon Mobil. Alex holds a BS in geoscience, an MS in Geology, and an MBA, all from the University of Utah. Alex is an active member of the American Association of Petroleum Geologists.


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