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Withdrawing from a Class

You must be a declared major or pre-major in the College of Mines and Earth Sciences in order to submit petitions for Exception to Policy to this college. All undecided and non-degree seeking students go through the Academic Advising Center. 

The University has provided means for students to be granted exceptions to University policy. This allows students the chance to petition certain policies for non-academic reasons such as illness, military leave, family emergencies, etc. Exceptions to policy include withdrawal from a course after the withdrawal deadline for the same term, retroactive withdrawal, retroactive registration, section change or cross-referenced course, late registration request, change in CR/NC status, retroactive change in credit hours, etc. This must always be done through the Dean's Office of the college of the student's major.

Current Term Petitions

Students should address difficulties with courses as soon as possible. If the petition can be filed before the last day of classes in the affected semester, the petition is handled by the Dean’s Office of the student’s declared major. Students may complete the petition form, attach a personal statement detailing the issue(s), and include supporting documentation such as letterhead from Medical office, a hospital bill, an obituary.

*To withdraw from the current term, please e-mail your completed form to

Current Semester Petition Form

Past Term Petitions

Past term petitions also are turned in at the Dean’s Office of the students’ declared major. The process is fully outlined at the Registrar's website along with the petition form. Please note: Petition requests must be submitted within three years of the affected term(s) or prior to graduation from the University, whichever comes first.

Last Updated: 5/1/23