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Injury or Illness Reporting


Accidents can happen to anybody at any skill level and should be promptly reported without trepidation of negative consequences for those involved, unless there is some level of negligence or disregard for personal protection.   Promptly reporting incidents can help facilitate the development of preventative measures and/or procedural changes if they are determined to be necessary.  If you or someone in your lab or group has an accident please be familiar with the procedure to properly provide care and report the incident to the proper people.


If the injury is life or limb threatening, call 911 or go straight to an emergency care provider.  If the injury is serious or disabling, including overnight hospitalization, broken bones, loss of limb, loss of consciousness, deep cuts, electric shock, sight impairment, or a fatality, you or your supervisor must contact Occupational and Environmental Health and Safety (OEHS) immediately at (801) 581-6590 or University Police Dispatch at (801) 585-2677. 


If the injury is not life threatening then the injured individual should visit either the RedMed facility or the Redwood Health Center Occupational Medical Clinic during office hours or if the Injury occurs after hours then the injured individual should visit the University Hospital Emergency Room or the Redwood Urgent Care Facility. 



RedMed is located on the Ground floor of the Student Union

Phone:(801) 213-3303

Monday-Friday 8:00AM to 5:00PM, Closed from 1:30PM - 2:00PM for lunch

No cost to university students, faculty and staff


University Hospital Emergency Room

50 N Medical Drive

Phone: (801) 581-2121


Redwood Health Center Occupational Medicine Clinic

1525 West 2100 South Salt Lake City, UT 84119

Phone: (801) 213-9777

Monday-Friday 8:00AM to 5:00PM


Redwood Urgent Care

1525 West 2100 South

Salt Lake City, UT 84119

Phone: (801) 213-9700



 After the injury is addressed and within 24 hours of the occurrence, an incident report and Workers Compensation (E-1) form should be filed with the Occupational and Environmental Health Services (OEHS) and Human Resources (HR). 


  • Incident/Accident Report
    • Print and fill out the form at
    • Complete as soon as possible following the accident
      • Note:  Day/Time/Room#/Witnesses/Medical Treatment Administered
    • FAX to Leanna Keightley, Risk Coordinator (1-5590)
      • Email to: Risk Manager)
    • Notify Occupational & Environmental Health & Safety OEHS
      • Matt Lundquist 5-9413
    • Keep Copy of incident report and submit a copy to the Office of the Dean


  • Worker's Comp Form
    • Print and fill out the E-1 form at
    • FAX to Tammy Herrmann, HR Specialist (1-6206)
      • FAX #(801) 585-7375
    • Manager or supervisor should complete this form with injured person.
    • Injured person can take the completed E-1 form to RedMed.
      • Located on the Ground Level of the student Union
      • Open Monday – Friday 8AM-5PM
      • A claim # will be assigned, which should be used at any follow-up appointments
      • If the injury requires special attention, they will refer the injured worker to the hospital.
    • Keep Copy of incident report and submit a copy to the Office of the Dean
Last Updated: 4/27/21