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College of Mines and Earth Sciences:
Highest-paying College Majors in 2022

CBS News ranked the top 60 highest-paying college majors as of 2022, and some majors from the College of Mines and Earth Sciences were mentioned!

Man holds light blowtorch to heat up copper tube to anneal it at metal bending shop, Dundalk, MD

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Rank #6 – Metallurgical Engineering

Metallurgy helps turn metals into useful items. A major in metallurgical engineering has a median salary of $89,200 annually for people three years into their career.


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Rank #8 – Mining Engineering

A mining engineer can do a variety of tasks: excavation, exploration, processing, or just figuring out how to make mines safer for workers. The median early-career pay for people with a mining engineering degree is $85,700.

The National Football League says it's never seen anything like it --rubbery, fluid-filled straps that tether the helmet to the body

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Rank #22 – Materials Science and Engineering

Students in this discipline learn to design new materials. They study engineering, chemistry and physics. The degree, along with similar degrees such materials engineering or materials science, comes with a early career median pay of $79,000.


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Last Updated: 12/19/22