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CMES Internship Connection

What is it all about? 

Whether you plan to go straight into industry after your undergraduate degree, pursue a graduate degree, or apply for professional school, an internship is a fantastic way to learn about your career interests, develop real-world skills, and gain a sense of membership in the industry science and professional community.


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Internship Search Strategies


Utilize a high-success platform:  Seek out job search platforms that are recruiting specifially for your university, college, major, or skill-set.  Handshake is the main platform of the University of Utah.  Employers posting internships on Handshake specifically select the U as a university they would like to recruit from.

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Apply directly to a company:  You can apply directly to a company if you have a few you are specifically interested in.  Be sure to mention that in your cover letter!


Use your network:  This is still the most common way people find internships.  It is a powerful tool and has many manifestations.  Connect with the people you know, grow your network through events and social opportunities, and join organizations.  Especially your professors!

Internship help

The internship coordinator is available to help with any internship-related questions you may have including resume and cover letter assistance, help finding opportunities, identifying ways for you to earn meaningful credit for your internship, providing resources and support, and more. Simply make an appointment to get started.


Last Updated: 8/11/23