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Student Academic Resources

Academic Calendar

Stay up to date with the acadmic calendar. Learn when classes begin and end, when to add or drop classes, and when tuition is due.





Class Catalog

Plan your schedule. Learn when classes are offered that you will need to complete your degree.

Use Schedule Builder to create your prefect schedule.




Degree Audit

The My Degree Dashboard audit is an advising report that matches student coursework against requirements for a degree program. The report indicates what course work has been completed, what is in progress, and what remains.



Once a student is officially enrolled and committed to attend class, he/she must officially drop his/her classes by the deadline. If the class is not officially dropped, the student will be charged full tuition and may receive failing grades.

Visit FAQ website for more information.


Understand the University of Utah grading policies.

Calculate your GPA










Student Handbook

Learn about policies and procedures that will help you complete your degree at the U.










Petition Process

In extenuating circumstances students may petition for an exception to policy.

For past term requests, undergraduate students are required to obtain a letter of support from the Dean of their major College. Undergrauate students in the College of Mines and Earth Sciences should visit the Student Epicenter for more information.

Graduate students are required to obtain a letter of support from their committee chairperson.

Register for Classes

Learn when and how to register for classes.












College and Campus Safety

At the College of Mines and Earth Sciences safety is important.

Please review the College's Safety and Security Website

the University's Department of Public Safety Website

and the SAFE U website



Learn more about your University transcript.







Tuition and Scholarships

Understand the cost of attendance and esitmate your tution costs.

The College of Mines and Earth Sciences is committed to keeping your cost low. Learn more about College and Department Scholarships.


Last Updated: 10/5/21